Mar 2 2013

Slogging on…

Hey, Save The Rich! We might need them to throw us food scraps over the next few months!

And the slog continues. Today I am around 234. Check me on that here. I am seriously plateaued at just over 230. I’ve been bouncing around between 230 and 235 for a month or so.

Here are my activity stats, via Fitbit. A couple of things should change rapidly vis a vis my activity/Fitbit stats. I’ve just installed a Treadmill Desk in my home office, and am learning how to work using it. My steps, at least, will go above 10,000 a day.

My exercise program is currently without trainers or a gym. I’m getting set up at home with a pretty complete fitness & exercise program. I have a TRX Suspension Trainer at home and am using it. I have the Wii Fitness Trainer and am actually going to start using it. I am carrying kettlebells up and down stairs…not a lot, but some. I have a whole list of core yoga-like moves and poses dealing mostly with the evil Psoas, and I’m doing them. Ow! I’m also getting into the MELT program, with a hat tip to my pal Vicki Bernstein for turning me onto it.

I have now gone off of Atkins induction, with grateful thanks to the program for helping me dump 70+ pounds of fat. I have moved completely into Mark Sisson’s Primal Eating and the Primal fitness program. This seems like a program I can stay on for the foreseeable future, and I am seeing considerable improvement already. I’m feeling better and stronger all the time, and it seems like there are daily improvements and positive changes.

You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. –Mark Hyman

Nov 3 2012

2012 Reboot, Build 65.2

Sometimes it works. Small ways…like you notice the new clothes you bought that fit a few weeks ago are now too big. Small slow victories. Hoo, Ray.

The vid above is from the new gym where I’m hanging my hat (and leaving my pride outside the door.) It appears that I’ve committed to having a gang of small tough women tell me what to do for 3 sessions a week. Reports will follow. In the meantime, here is my initial “fitness” assessment from them: The only reading that is way off the mark on the assessment is my blood pressure. My BP is in the normal range; I obviously “whitecoated” the BP test here. Overall, the silver lining is I’m in such miserably bad shape I should see some very rapid improvement.

I have three medium term fitness goals. 1. Get a decent, non-back-hurting kettlebell swing going, and then upping the weight from a 20lb. KB to at least a 1 pood (35 lbs.). 2. Learning to do a good Turkish Get Up (TGU), first being able to do them on both sides AT ALL( which I can’t now), and then with increasing weight, eventually being able to do them with a 1 pood KB. 3. Learning proper use of and a wide range of exercises on the TRX trainer.

I had my first regular Doc appointment since getting serious again…which I’m counting from about the 1st of June this this year, although it took a damn long time to ramp up. My doc, who bears the near perfect doc name of Dr. Scull, was very, very positive about everything. My extensive lab/blood tests for this appointment surprised even me, and I was expecting good numbers. My A1C is at 5.8, which is kinda awesome for a Type 2 Diabetic. My LDL was at 78 and I expressed concern over continued statin use. He both clearly explained the benefit of statin use vs. his opinion of the “dangers” and then agreed to cut my Lipitor dose in half from 80 to 40…and, if my numbers stay good, apparently it can be lowered to 10 while still getting the majority of the benefit. My fasting blood sugar #s have been so good that, with doc + nurse monitoring/cooperation, I’ve stopped any AM insulin injection and lowered my evening dosage from 60 to 26, and will continue to lower it as my fasting BS readings allow. This is huge, as any insulin-dependent diabetic can tell you.

Otherwise, the last weight plateau I was whining about in the previous post is history…here is the scale told truth: here. Here are my Fitbit stats: here. The Fitbit stats are not really reflective of what I’m doing, because, for the most part, the gym won’t show up on it. As I start moving more on my own, it will.

Politics? Well, the election is Tuesday. I think this election is hugely important, because there are a metric buttload of serious national problems right now, from the general economy to Hurricane Sandy recovery to what the hell is going to happen in Europe? My prediction? Obama in a unexpected landslide. I’m not running nearly that degree of confidence regarding the House and Senate, but I have a glimmering of hope for a coattail landslide. Rmoney/Gilligan are such mean weirdos as humans in general and such horrible liars as politicians specifically; it’s hard for me to see any non-Southerers voting for them. However, I’ve never actually had my finger on the pulse of the voting public.

Good luck to us all.

Of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it great. –A League of Their Own

Aug 13 2012

Weak Week?

So I’m plateauted at 269-270. I’m eating less than 1000 calories a day, hardly at 20 carbs a day (if that) and my weight just sits there. It’s not unexpected, but it’s a drag.

I think exercise may be the key for me. Damn it. Fitbit stats here. Weight chart here. Off to the YMCA here in West Seattle later this week; I will get a program started there and will also start walking daily. Reports to follow.

Now, how about Paul Ryan for Veep? Hooray! If I had to choose someone to run with Romney and Gov. Palin was otherwise occupied (as in wondering where her fame and fans all went), it’d be the zombie-eyed granny-starver. Two dicks for the price of one. Hoo. Ray. Someone (Atrios, I think) said yesterday that this election now comes down to one thing: Are old people going to vote to take Medicare away from younger people? I believe the answer is yes, but not enough of them to elect the two lying shitbags the Repubs have now offered up to rule the nation. This is why I refuse to even be polite to Republicans anymore. They’ve decided to destroy the republic because they don’t want a black guy to get another term. Period. That’s how ugly the situation is, and that’s how ugly, stupid and evil they are.

A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise. –A.A. Milne

Aug 7 2012

And furthermore…

Boo. Ya. OK, so this week I drifted below 270 for the first time in several years. (Not lying, click here.) I bounced back up a tad, so it’s baby steps, but it’s happening. My current goal is to be at or below 180 lbs. on or before May 1st of next year. (Heh, in blogging terms, I guess I should state that “next year” refers to 2013.) <-- this note exists because it's altogether possible I'll be sitting around on May 1st, 2013, eating a dozen Krispy Kremes and washing them down with chocolate milk. Oh, and weighing like 400 pounds. I don't really think this is going to happen, but I'm perfectly aware that it could. So, as the black robed guy usually intones, "Let the record reflect..." My Fitbit stats continue to suck. See here. That’s the passive-agressive way to say that I continue to be a fat lazy sod. However, I’m feeling better all the time and I see exercise and going back to the goddamed gym in my very near future.

I am pushing sixty. That is enough exercise for me. –Mark Twain

Jul 22 2012


Tomorrow it will have been 5 weeks since I started Atkins again. I’m not yodeling yet, but I’m not at all unhappy with my progress so far.

Links are still good: Click here for weight. (my BMI is under 40 for the first time in 6 or 7 years.) Click here for still-sorry Fitbit stats.

I’m finding Atkins fairly painless at this point. I need to increase my vegetable consumption and cut down on my use of protein powders, etc., but I am staying under 20 carbs a day. My fasting blood sugar morning counts are consistently under 85-90. My postprandial testing (1 hour and 2 hours after eating) seem to also be in the non-diabetic range. My NPH insulin has decreased from 16 units in the morning, 60 at night to zero in the AM, 40 at night. My blood pressure right now is: 125/88 with a resting pulse of 61. Not bad.

I thought, you know the food and the diet thing is one way to start yourself onto a healthy lifestyle, but if you don’t move, if you don’t start exercising you’re gonna deteriorate. — Warren Cuccurullo

Jul 18 2012

Shortnin’ Bread

Two things: 1. It’s take a lot ‘o balls to lip sync The Cramps and 2. No shortnin’ bread for me.

Not much to report…weight loss continues apace: Check it here.

I started this blog on 09/20/09. I weighed right around 290 then, and over the next year or so, dicking around with various diet plans, I managed to lose about 20 pounds and then gain back 30+. Woo Hoo, what a ride. I’m solidly below that starting weight today, at 278-279. First time in several years I’ve dropped below 280 as anything but a low plateau.

I feel pretty good. Edema is tremendously reduced. My blood sugar almost immediately dropped to non-diabetic levels and has stayed there (80-90 fasting). Amazingly, my after-meal glucose rebound is acting like a non-diabetic person, based on several postprandial tests. I’m also starting to get a little more energy. Next? Exercise. Because my fitbit stats are looking very sad, even taking my 2 day loss of the device a couple of weeks into consideration. The sorry tale here: FitBit stats. Also, here’s a shoutout to Fitbit customer service: The device back broke in half, so it would only work taped up and in a weird little holder, making it almost impossible to recharge without a huge hassle. 2 emails to Fitbit + a couple of emailed pictures and a new one is in the mail to me. No charge. Hooray for Fitbit!!

I suppose I should put in some kind of political commentary here. Hard to do. I think Mitt is showing his true colors even to the ignorant morons with this arrogant and patronizing refusal to release tax returns. Get it now, you stupid fucks? No, they won’t. So, between that and the Obama administration’s continuing efforts to show total open contempt for any of their supporters who may be to the left of Herbert Hoover, it’s a little disheartening to me right now. It’s a disgustingly brilliant political call, because we all will line up to vote for him over the Mittster regardless of the contempt. That doesn’t bode well for a hoped-for liberal turnaround in his 2nd term. ‘Twas ever thus, I suppose.

What you eat is like how you pray: Your Own Business. Not to be forced on others. Worship at Burger King or Chez Panisse, depending on your tastes, wallet and personal needs…Just don’t make me go there. — Sheila Himmel

Jun 24 2012


I’d like the “small” pill. please.

Worked with my Withings scale today and got it hooked up to the net. So, in theory, one can go here and see the last two moths or so of my weight, my fat % and BMI. Geeze. Today I seem to have gained 5 lbs since my last weight-in, i.e. 290 lbs.

I’ve also figured out how to open up my stats on my Fitbit, w/o them being posted automatically to Facebook. (I don’t actually mind them being posted to Facebook, but I’m annoying enough there regarding both politics and real estate, so I’ll pass on auto posting my weight and exercise stats.) This link, right here, should take you to the last week of what I did besides sit in a chair and stare at a computer screen. This works only sorta, BTW.

This blog is linked in the archive of my 12 year old Quit Smoking blog. Occasionally I get a message from someone who finds their way here. Last week I got a request for current stats, which I used to post on the old blog. I still keep track…here are a few of the fairly amazing (at least to me) stats: Not a single puff in 612 weeks, 17 hours, 2 min. At 2000 cigarette prices ($3.50 a pack), I’ve saved $44,989.35 by not smoking 257,082 cigarettes. Actuarially, my lifespan has been increased by over 280 weeks by quitting smoking when I did. The quit smoking blog is linked to the right.

So I continue on Atkins. Tomorrow, Monday, it will be 2 weeks. I’m sticking with induction until the weight loss begins in earnest.

I want to lose weight by eating nothing but moon pies, which have significantly less gravity than earthier foods such as fruits and vegetables. ― Jarod Kintz

Jun 21 2012

And again…

A note on the video above: If you want to discuss “immigration” from the point of view that you belong here and someone else doesn’t? Watch the fine song above and then STFU until you’ve been in a position where you will do anything to get yourself and your loved ones out of whatever hellhole you may be in and into the USA. If you disagree with me on this, then start tearing down the Statue of Liberty and admit what we’ve become…

My “dieting” has changed again. Never saw that one coming, huh? Gee, me either. I am now full back on Atkins, which is more or less exactly what I did 12 years ago to quickly lose 95 lbs. The end of that story is that I bartered all that weight and more back on in the process of quitting smoking. (“If you don’t go buy a carton of Marlboros, you can eat these 2 pints of Hagen Das!) It worked. 12 years w/o a single puff on a cigarette. Yes, I still miss it. But I will never smoke again. Probably. Be pretty goddam stupid to take it up after 12 years.

So, the VitaMix blender and the Omega Juicer go into storage for the foreseeable future. No fruit allowed, and I can’t stand Green Smoothies or veg juice without any fruit. For the foreseeable future it’s meat, eggs and vegetables for me. Coconut oil is playing a part.

Will it work? A huge difference between now and 12 years ago is that I’m shooting insulin now, and the Atkins diet is all tied up with insulin/insulin resistance. We’ll see. My blood sugar numbers have greatly improved in just the last 2 weeks. I was probably diabetic the last time I went on this diet, but it was undiagnosed/untreated. (Which is the kind of thing that happens if you live to joyfully and recklessly abuse yourself AND forget to go to the doctor for 25 years.)

Here’s how things stand right now. I hit a high of 302 lbs. a few weeks ago. At this weight I’m always up or down 6 or 7 lbs., which is probably water weight. So I’m calling my starting point 300, a nice round figure, so to speak. As of this morning, I weigh 286…so a solid loss of 14 pounds so far. I started the diet seriously 10 days ago, and prepped for it for a bout a week prior to officially starting.

I am using a Fitbit to track activity, and I’m getting into the logging and tracking aspect of thier web interface, which is impressive. I am also using a Withings scale, which measures both weight and fat percentage, then calculates BMI from those. Both will upload the truth to the net, so that’ll help with the lying aspect. “No, really, I didn’t cheat, I swear.” Sure. I’m NOT cheating. Not yet, anyway. Links to come when I have everything set up properly.

If you have formed the habit of checking on every new diet that comes along, you will find that, mercifully, they all blur together, leaving you with only one definite piece of information: french-fried potatoes are out. — Jean Kerr

Jan 20 2012


Etta James died today. Man, she was a force of nature. We saw her 3 or 4 years ago at a Woodland Park Zoo concert, and even though she was obviously not well then, she seemed clean and she sang like a goddamed angel. Great voice, great spirit, great woman…

I’ve been in Phoenix for the last few days. Not eating too badly, but no green smoothies to be found. I’m going home tomorrow and with any luck Seattle will be totally over Snowpocalyspe 2012. I’m looking forward to getting my eating right back on track and also adding juicing into the mix.

Today I met a woman who is a complete right wing tool. She is totally hilarious and I thought she was a great real estate instructor. I spoke to her for awhile after her workshop and told her I was amazed that we were diametrically opposed politically and I still really liked her. She said one of her favorite pictures is of her holding her GOP membership card standing next to another one of my favorite CRS instructors holding his ACLU card. She thought it proves that we can all get along. I’m sorry I believe that ship has sailed (and then sunk), but it was a great sentiment…maybe there’s a shred of hope.

I have a total irreverence for anything connected with society except that which makes the roads safer, the beer stronger, the food cheaper and the old men and old women warmer in the winter and happier in the summer. –Brendan Behan

Jan 15 2012

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – Official Trailer from Team Reboot on Vimeo.

I loved the Joe Cross documentary, trailered above. Joe is a completely pragmatic Aussie, who manages to keep his sense of humor while fixing the fact that he’s fat, sick and nearly dead.

I ran into the film while researching juicing vs. blending. I’m off to Phoenix for a week, and when I return I’m going to add juicing into my daily drill. The convention I’m going to is at a resort that has a big spa, so I’ll bet there’s a juice bar…although green smoothies might be hard to come by. Margaritas, on the other hand, will not. Regardless, I’ll need a reboot when I return.

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people. –Orson Welles