Happy New Year!

Note added 06/21/2011: Changed out video…sadly the Freddy Mercury impersonator pulled his vid from YouTube. Added Tom Waits, because the world can always use more Tom Waits.

Could I possibly start the first post of 2010 with something better than the best Japanese Freddy Mercury impersonator?


OK, that’s settled.

I am losing weight. Just very, very slowly. It may continue that way until I get off all diabetes drugs. Which I’m now more anxious to than ever, as Group Health, in a naked financially-based move that completely fucks over their diabetic patients, has killed the pen-based Innolet insulin as of the 1st of the year and switched everyone to vials and syringes. Saves them a few pennies in providing service to their “patients”, and moves us all back 40 years or so in technology and convenience.

Why would I bitch? My health insurance is only costing me $1100 a month with a $1000 annual deductable that I haven’t used up for several years. This is largely due to master negotiators in the Real Estate industry who get me this fine “group” rate. And they have the stones to brag about it being a “benefit.”

But we sure don’t need any kind of meaningful health care reform, now do we? Dogface Joe Lieberman and the lying shitbag Republicans have managed to kill it again. Sorry, poor people: fuck you. (‘Twas ever thus…)

I’ve made it through the holidays with only a very small amount of falling off the good eating wagon. Sometime this month I’m going to start another Dr. Mark Hyman program, UltraMind. His drill seems to work very well for me: healthy eating without a huge sense of deprivation.

Exercise is the big hurdle. I’m lazy, lazy, lazy…and I need to figure that part out.

In the meantime, the numbers are OK:

Weight: 261 FBS: 101 BP: 123/89 P: 62

New Year’s Day – Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. –Mark Twain

5 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  • Randy Meyer Says:

    With what you’re paying, would an individual catastrophic plan with a higher deductible be better financially?
    Tell us how you really feel about the folks who have put very needed change on life support (I don’t think it is quite dead yet, but certainly critical).
    If only you could find a way to redirect your justified angry energy into exercise…

  • Judy G. Says:

    Wow! Good job! Good weight, good BP! Good perseverance. I can understand the lazylazylazy part. We’ve been practicing lazers for over 60 years–kinda hard to stop. Not only that, consider the signs we’re born under: Pisces just wanna float; Libras like to loll. We can’t help it! It’s in the stars! (Oh. I’m a friend and supposed to support you.) I mean, you’d better get out there and WORK OUT! You’ll be so glad you did!

  • Brock D. Says:

    Wow! Since last I checked back here you’ve since dropped over 18 lbs. Very impressive. Good to hear that you’ll be moving towards being off the diabetes meds. Sad about the health reforms being no bueno. Glenn Beck and the Republicans have killed the dream we dreamed!

    But really, great work, you’re looking healthier everytime we see you. Keep it up. You’re doing great.

  • Jackie Helton Says:

    New Year means new commitment so step up. NO MORE EXCUSES!

  • Judy G. Says:

    So…..did you step up??