Detox Mansion

Aimee Mann! She looks and sounds great in the White House. I wish she was President. Also, she is playing a duplicate of the Gibson Dove that was my favorite guitar ever until I got my current J-200 Custom. The Dove, in natural, has that great bright red deep lacquer body and they sound amazing. I lost my Dove to poverty (I pawned it and couldn’t afford to redeem it…$50, I think. Man, those were lean years.)

I either have come down with the worst cold I’ve had in a few years, or I’m seriously detoxing from only 3 days of Green Smoothies. I had a protein shake today…figured I’d give myself a break from huge forced portions of greens.

And the absolutely glorious clusterfuck that is the Republican race for President moves onto New Hampshire from Iowa. I’m so going to miss Michelle Bachmann, her crazy eyes and her uber-gay husband. It was interesting to watch Sarah Palin comment on the Iowa caucasus. New very ugly hairstyle and, as usual, completely unashamed to put her gross and very agressive stupidity on full proud display. And Rick Santorum, living up to the Google. Perfect.

Weight. I’m right around 300 now. Here is the link to the Whitings scale site, which will show you I’ve been hovering there for months. Considering how I ate during some of last year I suppose it’s amazing I don’t weigh 400. Or more.

Other daily numbers of consequence to me: Fasting Blood Sugar: 120 Blood Pressure: 156/88 Resting pulse: 60

Pre-heat the oven? Really? If I was the sort of person who planned ahead, I wouldn’t be eating this Totino’s Party Pizza in the first place. –Adam Peterson

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