Detox Mansion II

I miss Warren Zevon like crazy. We need his take on life in these uncertain days. As he was dying he wrote and recorded a number of staggeringly honest songs like the above.

A couple of friends of mine are very sick right now; there is little I can do for them, but they are fully in my heart.

…Insert short respectful pause here…and then I’ll get back to me…

My cold/flu/detox is quite a bit worse today. I suspect it is completely due to detoxing behind my new GreenSmoothieLife. I have ingested more greens in the last 5 days than I usually would in a couple of months…and previously they would have essentially all been in salads, covered in dressing and not that easy to digest. A high-speed powerful blender changes things.

Weight. I seem to have gained 4 pounds. Here’s the link to the scale site. I am not expecting instant results, but I hope I don’t see a bunch of weight gain before it heads in the other direction.

Fasting blood sugar today was 113, so apparently the fruit in the Green Smoothies isn’t spiking my levels. Excellent news.

“How long does getting thin take?” asked Pooh, anxiously. -– A.A. Milne

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