2012 Reboot, Build 65.2

Sometimes it works. Small ways…like you notice the new clothes you bought that fit a few weeks ago are now too big. Small slow victories. Hoo, Ray.

The vid above is from the new gym where I’m hanging my hat (and leaving my pride outside the door.) It appears that I’ve committed to having a gang of small tough women tell me what to do for 3 sessions a week. Reports will follow. In the meantime, here is my initial “fitness” assessment from them: http://tinyurl.com/bgop2m9. The only reading that is way off the mark on the assessment is my blood pressure. My BP is in the normal range; I obviously “whitecoated” the BP test here. Overall, the silver lining is I’m in such miserably bad shape I should see some very rapid improvement.

I have three medium term fitness goals. 1. Get a decent, non-back-hurting kettlebell swing going, and then upping the weight from a 20lb. KB to at least a 1 pood (35 lbs.). 2. Learning to do a good Turkish Get Up (TGU), first being able to do them on both sides AT ALL( which I can’t now), and then with increasing weight, eventually being able to do them with a 1 pood KB. 3. Learning proper use of and a wide range of exercises on the TRX trainer.

I had my first regular Doc appointment since getting serious again…which I’m counting from about the 1st of June this this year, although it took a damn long time to ramp up. My doc, who bears the near perfect doc name of Dr. Scull, was very, very positive about everything. My extensive lab/blood tests for this appointment surprised even me, and I was expecting good numbers. My A1C is at 5.8, which is kinda awesome for a Type 2 Diabetic. My LDL was at 78 and I expressed concern over continued statin use. He both clearly explained the benefit of statin use vs. his opinion of the “dangers” and then agreed to cut my Lipitor dose in half from 80 to 40…and, if my numbers stay good, apparently it can be lowered to 10 while still getting the majority of the benefit. My fasting blood sugar #s have been so good that, with doc + nurse monitoring/cooperation, I’ve stopped any AM insulin injection and lowered my evening dosage from 60 to 26, and will continue to lower it as my fasting BS readings allow. This is huge, as any insulin-dependent diabetic can tell you.

Otherwise, the last weight plateau I was whining about in the previous post is history…here is the scale told truth: here. Here are my Fitbit stats: here. The Fitbit stats are not really reflective of what I’m doing, because, for the most part, the gym won’t show up on it. As I start moving more on my own, it will.

Politics? Well, the election is Tuesday. I think this election is hugely important, because there are a metric buttload of serious national problems right now, from the general economy to Hurricane Sandy recovery to what the hell is going to happen in Europe? My prediction? Obama in a unexpected landslide. I’m not running nearly that degree of confidence regarding the House and Senate, but I have a glimmering of hope for a coattail landslide. Rmoney/Gilligan are such mean weirdos as humans in general and such horrible liars as politicians specifically; it’s hard for me to see any non-Southerers voting for them. However, I’ve never actually had my finger on the pulse of the voting public.

Good luck to us all.

Of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it great. –A League of Their Own

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