Slogging on…

Hey, Save The Rich! We might need them to throw us food scraps over the next few months!

And the slog continues. Today I am around 234. Check me on that here. I am seriously plateaued at just over 230. I’ve been bouncing around between 230 and 235 for a month or so.

Here are my activity stats, via Fitbit. A couple of things should change rapidly vis a vis my activity/Fitbit stats. I’ve just installed a Treadmill Desk in my home office, and am learning how to work using it. My steps, at least, will go above 10,000 a day.

My exercise program is currently without trainers or a gym. I’m getting set up at home with a pretty complete fitness & exercise program. I have a TRX Suspension Trainer at home and am using it. I have the Wii Fitness Trainer and am actually going to start using it. I am carrying kettlebells up and down stairs…not a lot, but some. I have a whole list of core yoga-like moves and poses dealing mostly with the evil Psoas, and I’m doing them. Ow! I’m also getting into the MELT program, with a hat tip to my pal Vicki Bernstein for turning me onto it.

I have now gone off of Atkins induction, with grateful thanks to the program for helping me dump 70+ pounds of fat. I have moved completely into Mark Sisson’s Primal Eating and the Primal fitness program. This seems like a program I can stay on for the foreseeable future, and I am seeing considerable improvement already. I’m feeling better and stronger all the time, and it seems like there are daily improvements and positive changes.

You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. –Mark Hyman

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