How Deep?

 Yeah, it’s a Leonard Cohen kinda morning…

The intertubes are littered with the sad wreckage of diet blogs abandoned. This is not one of them.

However, here’s my deal on posting or not…I’ll post when I either have something of any interest to report or if I cheat, stumble or fall. Otherwise, the status quo prevails. I promise. Anyone who wants me to post more should leave a comment here. Comments are the food that any blog lives on, good or bad. Yes, I’m aware that I’ve danced into chicken or egg territory with the previous two sentences.

Had an appointment with my new doctor last Monday. Nice guy, he seems good, enthusiastically supports what I’m doing. The best part so far is his name: Dr. Scull.

My weight loss has slowed down, and since I haven’t ramped up eating, I’m assuming that the diabetes drugs are getting in the way of weight loss, just as the common wisdom says might happen. So now I’m on a program of decreasing the drugs tied to weight loss. Yossarian lives!

Over the last two weeks I’ve added eggs, dairy and a little gluten back into my eating. No ill effects so far. The WBGF has done the same thing without the good results…gluten may be a real issue for her and apparently eggs make her “angry.” Who knew?

Next week I’m on the hunt for some kind of exercise drill that is both intense enough to ramp up my weight loss and which I will actually do…a large order, since I am capable of world class excuse making and sloth.

Weight: 274 FBS: 114 (It popped up with a decrease in one of my diabetes medications [glyburide halved], but has now settled back down) BP: 126/77 P: 60

The story of barbecue is the story of America: Settlers arrive on great unspoiled continent, discover wondrous riches, set them on fire and eat them. –Vince Staten

4 Responses to “How Deep?”

  • Randy Meyer Says:

    Although the rate may have slowed down, your trend line is still going the right way.
    Keep it up, my friend!

  • Judy G. Says:

    Why do you have a new doctor? Because his name is Dr. Scull? My last doctor also had a fine name: Dr. Scarr.
    I would like to read “Shrinking Dick” every day. I don’t like to come here and there’s nobody home.
    Keep on keeping on–good luck! love, Judy

  • mike dulak Says:

    I worked at a hospital in the 70’s and over the intercom: “Dr. Slaughter and Dr. Payne please report to………..”
    And, playing these Bach violin pieces sometimes takes me weeks just to play 2 measures. Perserverance my pal. I have cut my cigarette habit in half with your inspiration.

  • Jackie Helton Says:

    Hello Everyone

    I would like to challenge Dicks friends to help him get out and exercise! We all know how much he loathes this so I have come up with a plan. Anyone who can get him out to walk and/or go to the gym 2x a week for at least 20 minutes will win 1 FREE hour of personal training or yoga with me. Since I am out of town this week would be really great! Feel free to contact me with any questions.