Jan 6 2012

Detox Mansion II

I miss Warren Zevon like crazy. We need his take on life in these uncertain days. As he was dying he wrote and recorded a number of staggeringly honest songs like the above.

A couple of friends of mine are very sick right now; there is little I can do for them, but they are fully in my heart.

…Insert short respectful pause here…and then I’ll get back to me…

My cold/flu/detox is quite a bit worse today. I suspect it is completely due to detoxing behind my new GreenSmoothieLife. I have ingested more greens in the last 5 days than I usually would in a couple of months…and previously they would have essentially all been in salads, covered in dressing and not that easy to digest. A high-speed powerful blender changes things.

Weight. I seem to have gained 4 pounds. Here’s the link to the scale site. I am not expecting instant results, but I hope I don’t see a bunch of weight gain before it heads in the other direction.

Fasting blood sugar today was 113, so apparently the fruit in the Green Smoothies isn’t spiking my levels. Excellent news.

“How long does getting thin take?” asked Pooh, anxiously. -– A.A. Milne

Jan 4 2012

Detox Mansion

Aimee Mann! She looks and sounds great in the White House. I wish she was President. Also, she is playing a duplicate of the Gibson Dove that was my favorite guitar ever until I got my current J-200 Custom. The Dove, in natural, has that great bright red deep lacquer body and they sound amazing. I lost my Dove to poverty (I pawned it and couldn’t afford to redeem it…$50, I think. Man, those were lean years.)

I either have come down with the worst cold I’ve had in a few years, or I’m seriously detoxing from only 3 days of Green Smoothies. I had a protein shake today…figured I’d give myself a break from huge forced portions of greens.

And the absolutely glorious clusterfuck that is the Republican race for President moves onto New Hampshire from Iowa. I’m so going to miss Michelle Bachmann, her crazy eyes and her uber-gay husband. It was interesting to watch Sarah Palin comment on the Iowa caucasus. New very ugly hairstyle and, as usual, completely unashamed to put her gross and very agressive stupidity on full proud display. And Rick Santorum, living up to the Google. Perfect.

Weight. I’m right around 300 now. Here is the link to the Whitings scale site, which will show you I’ve been hovering there for months. Considering how I ate during some of last year I suppose it’s amazing I don’t weigh 400. Or more.

Other daily numbers of consequence to me: Fasting Blood Sugar: 120 Blood Pressure: 156/88 Resting pulse: 60

Pre-heat the oven? Really? If I was the sort of person who planned ahead, I wouldn’t be eating this Totino’s Party Pizza in the first place. –Adam Peterson

Jan 2 2012

Baby Steps 2012

OK, OK. Yes, I really will follow the advice in the extra-fine video above.

I’m 2 days into GreenSmoothieWorld(TM). Yesterday afternoon, after the first one around noon, I felt more energy than I have in months. Maybe it was the Smoothie. I had another one this morning, slightly different, but still with a metric shitload of kale and Swiss chard involved. I’m feeling the same energy now, a couple of hours later. My new Vitamix blender rules, btw.

I will start posting my BP, resting pulse and blood sugar numbers tomorrow or the next day. I will also get the scale website link and start posting it.

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice. –Wayne Dyer

Dec 31 2011

He’s Back. (It’s still 2011!)

“I’m going to make it through this year if it kills me.”

That’s right, it’s been one year + 364 days since I updated this sad little blog.

Well, sad no more. I’m back. Fat as ever. But not for much longer…

1. Within a few days I will be regularly updating this blog…at least weekly. We got weight loss. We got a Vitamix. We’ve got Self-Compassion. (OK, we really don’t have that, but we’re working on it.) We may even have exercise. We will at least have walking…

2. I have a set of scales that uploads my weight to a web site, which I will link to…no sense doing this if I can simply lie about weight loss, huh? (After my last weight loss push I gained every bit of it back plus 10 pounds…I hover right around 300 lbs. today.)

3. I will also amuse myself (and maybe a few of you [the twisted ones at least. Bless you.]) with some political commentary and ranting. I will try to confine it to politics, but no doubt I’ll go off the rails. At this moment I’m slightly more pissed off at Obama than I am at the Republicans, so there is some fodder there.

Feeding is a very important ritual for me. I don’t trust people who don’t like to eat. –Gina Gershon (the greatest working actress in America!)

Jan 2 2010

Happy New Year!

Note added 06/21/2011: Changed out video…sadly the Freddy Mercury impersonator pulled his vid from YouTube. Added Tom Waits, because the world can always use more Tom Waits.

Could I possibly start the first post of 2010 with something better than the best Japanese Freddy Mercury impersonator?


OK, that’s settled.

I am losing weight. Just very, very slowly. It may continue that way until I get off all diabetes drugs. Which I’m now more anxious to than ever, as Group Health, in a naked financially-based move that completely fucks over their diabetic patients, has killed the pen-based Innolet insulin as of the 1st of the year and switched everyone to vials and syringes. Saves them a few pennies in providing service to their “patients”, and moves us all back 40 years or so in technology and convenience.

Why would I bitch? My health insurance is only costing me $1100 a month with a $1000 annual deductable that I haven’t used up for several years. This is largely due to master negotiators in the Real Estate industry who get me this fine “group” rate. And they have the stones to brag about it being a “benefit.”

But we sure don’t need any kind of meaningful health care reform, now do we? Dogface Joe Lieberman and the lying shitbag Republicans have managed to kill it again. Sorry, poor people: fuck you. (‘Twas ever thus…)

I’ve made it through the holidays with only a very small amount of falling off the good eating wagon. Sometime this month I’m going to start another Dr. Mark Hyman program, UltraMind. His drill seems to work very well for me: healthy eating without a huge sense of deprivation.

Exercise is the big hurdle. I’m lazy, lazy, lazy…and I need to figure that part out.

In the meantime, the numbers are OK:

Weight: 261 FBS: 101 BP: 123/89 P: 62

New Year’s Day – Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. –Mark Twain

Dec 8 2009

Road Trip

I love this Bruce Cockburn song. He is an awesome guitar player and doesn’t get enough recognition for it.

No news is good news, they say. In the case of this blog that’s mostly true. My weight loss has way slowed, but not unexpectedly. My blood sugar continues to be good. I feel better all the time.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Colorado to look at and probably snag a used EarthRoamer XV-LT. If I get it I’ll be running up the Eastern slope ahead of what looks like some major blizzardry. Shoot north from Boulder to Billings, Montana, hang a left and slog home to Seattle. I’m thinking 3-4 days on the road, so I’ll be back Monday or Tuesday.

I haven’t been on any kind of road trip since I started my new regime. It’ll be a challenge, i.e. road food. I’ll probably pack the refer in the rig and ignore the tantalizing Burger King signs.

I made it through Thanksgiving without pigging out. I took 2 days off for 2 Thanksgiving dinners, but didn’t overeat. I’ll do the same for Xmas & New Year’s.

When I return I’ll try to ramp up the posting here. Along with my exercise. BTW, in the comments on the last post Mistress Jackie made a very nice offer/challenge, i.e. anyone who can get me out and exercising gets a free Personal Training or Yoga session with her. I say step up if you are man (or woman) enough. I promise to not be cranky. I can’t speak for the Mistress.

Weight: 269 FBS: 101

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. –Douglas Adams

Nov 14 2009

How Deep?

 Yeah, it’s a Leonard Cohen kinda morning…

The intertubes are littered with the sad wreckage of diet blogs abandoned. This is not one of them.

However, here’s my deal on posting or not…I’ll post when I either have something of any interest to report or if I cheat, stumble or fall. Otherwise, the status quo prevails. I promise. Anyone who wants me to post more should leave a comment here. Comments are the food that any blog lives on, good or bad. Yes, I’m aware that I’ve danced into chicken or egg territory with the previous two sentences.

Had an appointment with my new doctor last Monday. Nice guy, he seems good, enthusiastically supports what I’m doing. The best part so far is his name: Dr. Scull.

My weight loss has slowed down, and since I haven’t ramped up eating, I’m assuming that the diabetes drugs are getting in the way of weight loss, just as the common wisdom says might happen. So now I’m on a program of decreasing the drugs tied to weight loss. Yossarian lives!

Over the last two weeks I’ve added eggs, dairy and a little gluten back into my eating. No ill effects so far. The WBGF has done the same thing without the good results…gluten may be a real issue for her and apparently eggs make her “angry.” Who knew?

Next week I’m on the hunt for some kind of exercise drill that is both intense enough to ramp up my weight loss and which I will actually do…a large order, since I am capable of world class excuse making and sloth.

Weight: 274 FBS: 114 (It popped up with a decrease in one of my diabetes medications [glyburide halved], but has now settled back down) BP: 126/77 P: 60

The story of barbecue is the story of America: Settlers arrive on great unspoiled continent, discover wondrous riches, set them on fire and eat them. –Vince Staten

Nov 2 2009

Be your dog?

I’m pretty sure Iggy would love that cover. I know I do. I am this new eating scheme’s dog, for sure.

Eggs! Finally had them yesterday. Will have more today. I seem to be fine with them. Tomorrow I will add dairy back in. Keeping my fingers crossed, as I sure love cheese and butter…in rational amounts, of course.

First round of ISD buttons going out today. For now all you have to do to get one is leave a comment or an email requesting one.

Weight: 278 FBS: 98 (Altho it was 138 yesterday morning, for no apparent reason…I actually ate better the day before.)

Many aspects of my method are based on my feeling and experience. For instance, I always give my bird a generous butter massage before I put it in the oven. Why? Because I think the chicken likes it—and, more important, I like to give it. –Julia Child

Oct 29 2009

Day 1 of Phase 2

Sometimes it feels like that’s the kind of real estate agent I am…especially these days. BTW, that’s a real business in Alabama, and the people in the commercial are the real workers. I suspect it’s only just a little tongue-in-cheek, having spent some time in Alabama myself.

OK, so I haven’t posted as regularly as I should have…I didn’t want to be extra-boring. But, here I am, boring or not.

I have not stopped. I have not cheated nor deviated from my/the program. If I do, I will bust myself here immediately.

Yesterday was the last day of the 3 week detox Phase 1 portion of the plan. Today I will add eggs back in and see how they affect me. In a couple of days I’ll start slowly adding various forms of dairy back in and then a few days later I’ll add gluten. It’d be awesome if it turns out I can handle all of them…but I suspect at least one is going to be an issue, probably gluten. But, we’ll see. It’s not like I’ve been eating badly, quite the contrary. I’ve been eating very well, and generally feel better than I have in a long time.

Phase 2 is pretty much “the rest of your life.” I was trying to describe it to some pals the other day and came up with this: Stop eating crap. Get off your ass, go to the store, buy ingredients rather than packages, organic if possible and as little “white” stuff as possible, go home and cook it. Oh, did I mention: Stop eating crap.

Yesterday I really needed something to eat and I was out and wandering around. I stopped at a convenience store/deli in my old neighborhood, a place I shopped in for 15+ years. Average store, carries maybe 500 items or so. In the entire store, including the deli, there was exactly one thing I could consume: bottled water. I looked hard, too. I ended up buying a little package of roasted cashews only because my low blood sugar was more of an issue than dry roasted (which I’m allowed) vs. regular roasted. A month ago I could and would have eaten anything in the place, except for maybe the ice cream or candy. Maybe.

OTOH, I can walk into a PCC and there is a wonderland of great food available to me. Even on the very restrictive Phase 1.

I’m still having issues with eating enough times a day and eating less at night. Hard, hard habits to kill.

Weight: 279 FBS: 105 (96 yesterday!)

I love you like a fat kid loves cake. –Fifty Cent

Oct 19 2009

I’m hungry…

I may be a little hungry, but music like the above helps me get through the day.

Both eating regularly and adjusting the amount I eat at one time are proving to be challenges. I’m used to pigging out once a day, usually late at night, and hardly eating at all the rest of the time. Now I’m supposed to be eating 6 times a day, no large quantities of anything and not eating at all for a couple of hours or so before going to sleep. I’m more or less doing it correctly, but the closer I get to perfect the better this program will work.

I “worked out” with Mistress Jackie this morning…she took it pretty easy on me, thus the quote marks. I also took a short walk later in the day.

Tonight is chicken, brown rice, spinach, salad & an apple. I could be eating a lot worse.

Weight: 281 FBS: Spaced getting it this morning, but it was 117 yesterday.

Most vegetables are something God invented to let women get even with their children. A fruit is a vegetable with looks and money. Plus, if you let fruit rot, it turns into wine, something brussels sprouts never do. –P. J. O’Rourke